Another member for Dartford Lions

At our May meeting, club president, Lions Rags Sandhu was pleased to welcome onboard our 32nd member.

Lion Clara  Sokunro РKoko, is a keen local lady who has a keen interest in all local matters and she is very keen to start work within the club. Lion Clara has attended 3 of our business meeting and in addition to this she has also attended one of our zone meetings all prior to joining the club.

President, Lion Rags Sandhu said ” It is through the good work of the club that new members are found. We are fortunate to have an active club with various skill sets amongst our members, a combination of this and the face that we are constantly working within the local community that our club is becoming more and more popular.”

Lion Clara’s sponsor, Lion Subhash assisted with the ceremony but presenting her with the badge and new members pack before introducing her to other members at the meeting.

‘Dartford Lions Club – we are only as good as our supporters!’ ……… President Lion Rags Sandhu

If you would like to know more about Dartford Lions Club or are interested in joining our club, please feel free to contact us.

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