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To mark our 50th Bonfire & Fireworks Display in Dartford, we are pleased to give away 52 prizes to lucky ticket holders.

Out of all of the advance adults tickets, we are pleased to have chosen 52 tickets at random. Below are the WINNING numbers which are eligible for one of the prizes below – chosen at random by the event organisers.

Please check the below to see if you have the WINNING number!

How to claim your prize:– On the Bonfire Night, please bring your winning ticket and make yourself known to someone in the PA Tent (inside the barrier near the running track) or a member of the team in an orange High Vis Jacket and they will advise you where to go to collect your prize – congratulations and good luck!

What if I cannot collect my prize? If you are unable to collect your prize on the night, we will hold onto your prize until Sat 20th November 2021, after this time ALL unclaimed prizes will be passed onto the Mayor of Dartford’s fundraising committee for their charities. However, if you would like to collect your prize, their will be a set date/time for you to collect them on (TBC), please email us with your winning number to, we will also need a contact number to call you back on etc.


13342 12103 10343 12381 10709 10333 10007 14071 14861 14458
10775 12328 14292 12307 11189 14674 14595 14651 10562 12732
14273 11004 10920 10919 11144 14583 12350 14616 14087 11219
14943 14868 14831 14955 10336 10874 10580 14696 11147 14149
10636 10968 12293 12371 10005 10446 12133 12389 10420 14890

The Prizes are :-

Hang Loose rides for 2
£50 in coins in gold box
Voucher meal for 2 Chinese
Voucher meal for 2 reliance fish bar
Voucher meal for 2 reliance fish bar
£20 shopping voucher Ghurka foods
Meal for 2 at DVRFC
£20 Gel nail voucher
£20 Gel nail voucher
Perfume miss you nights
Flowers necklace and earrings set
Slate cheese board
Ladies hair set
Ruffy robotic pet
Brut mens shower set
Ladies Dove beauty set
Crocodile dentist
Lynx Africa set
Ladies Dove beauty set
Minecraft building handbook
Old spice legend mens set
Ladies Dove beauty set
Chill factor frozen brain
Shave master nivea for men
Ladies Dove beauty set
Minecraft blockopedia
Nives shave master for men
Ladies Dove body wash collection
Minecraft secrets and cheats
Dove men care
Ladies Dove bodywash collection
Smigle pencil case
Dove men and care
Makeup brush set
Lie detector toy
Dove men and care
Makeup brush set
Kings and Queens game
Dove men and care
Silver earrings & Baylis & Harding Set
Guy Fawkes 1
Nivea daily kit for men
Ladies brush and pouch set
Guy Fawkes 2
Body fragrance set
Peppa pig
Body fragrance set
Luxury lips set
Nivea your a star
Cosmetic Set in a tin
Tripple picture set
Golf Voucher


A Special Thank You: “On behalf of Dartford Lions Club (CIO), I would like to thank everyone who has supported us by donating prizes, it is your support which allows us to continue the work we do within the community – Thank you.” – President Lion Rags Sandhu.

On another note – Titey says hello DARTFORD !

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