Boot Fair £10 pitch fee FREE Entry


We are pleased to be holding a Boot Fair on Saturday 7th August 2021, at our ‘yard’ on Heath Lane Dartford, near Dunelm.

Pitch Fee £10 for a 12ft retail space (payable by bank transfer, no cash payments on the day).
Booking form to be completed and fees paid by 4th August 2021.
Traders arrive from 8am, leave site by 1pm
Open to the public from 9am to 12 noon FREE ENTRY

Note to traders:-

Please do not:

  • Sell any items food or drink
  • Leave any rubbish behind
  • Move vehicles once parked up for trading

For additional information please contact Rags Sandhu 0750 6689067 or

“All proceeds from the pitch fees shall be going directly back into the Dartford Community, your support for this event (which will become a regular event) is greatly appreciated” – Rags Sandhu, President Dartford Lions Club (CIO).


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