Dartford Lions ROAR into action as COVID restrictions ease!

Members at Fairfield Pool testing site

During the pandemic, local wholesaler Booker Wholesale, supported Dartford Lions Club by providing 400+ bottles of water and 400+ packets of biscuits. These were aimed to be distributed to the local community on Kindness Day back in November 2020.

As we all know, with the various lock downs and restrictions – the club were unable to carry this out.
With the rolling out of the vaccinations, it was decided by the club to distribute the food and drink to the 3 sites within Dartford which are all playing a vital role in combating Covid19. On Friday 26th March 2021, some of the members went to work!
The test centres at Acacia Hall and Fairfield Pool Dartford along with the vaccination centre at Dartford Football Club were all given these items by the club.
All 3 sites welcomed the items and they were all extremely pleased and grateful for the fact that we delivered it directly to them.
Club president, Lion Ragbhir Sandhu said “Although the restrictions are set to ease slowly over the next few months, we felt it the right thing to do. The teams of people running all 3 sites are providing an excellent service to the residents of Dartford. Our club, like many, is here to serve the local community, we felt that this was a great way to make use of the food and drink donated to us by a local business”.
During the pandemic, the club have also provided snacks for the patients at Darent Valley Hospital and food vouchers for vulnerable families within the Dartford Area.
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Vaccination Site

Testing Site at Acacia Hall

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