Dartford Scouts update on Jamboree

Something Dartford Lions Club encourages is for organisations to come back to us with an update on how they have benefited by the support given to them by our club. Although this is not always possible, (due to the nature of support given) when organisations do come back with an update its brilliant to see the difference we’ve made!

At our first meeting of 2020, members of the Dartford Scouts came back to us with a presentation of their trip to the USA and Canada. The Dartford Scouts were part of 4,000+ scouts who were representing the UK as part of the Jamboree which took place in 2019. The group of 7, presented a very powerful and very well prepared slideshow showing us all about their trip, the various events they attended and also massive impact this trip has made on them as young people. From them gaining the experience of going abroad without their family, through to an increase in confidence, working with others and a huge boost in communication skills – this group covered it all.

At their presentation to the club, it was very clear to see the passion the group had for their trip. One of the most common points all 7 scouts had was that “it was amazing to work alongside some many different nationalities who all had one thing in common – Scouting!”

Club members were full of praise for the group led by Leigh Villiers, they agreed that this was a very good investment in the next generation.


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