Images for the Fireworks Display in 2018

All of the images below are from the 2018 Fireworks Display and Bonfire Night in Dartford’s Central Park on 3rd November. The photo’s were kindly taken by Eren Wall Photography, a very big Thank You to you for doing this.

A message from our President :-

On behalf of Dartford Lions Club, I would like to thank all who attended our Fireworks event on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the event.

I would also like to thank all the volunteers who made the event possible, as I am sure you would appreciate a lot of planning goes into an event like this, not just on the day. We work closely with Dartford Borough Council, the emergency services and many other groups to ensure we have a safe event.

I am pleased to say that Central Park is back in its pristine condition, other than a small burnt patch of grass, thanks to all the volunteers that came down on Sunday morning to tidy up.

Dartford Lions Club are a local charity organisation working for the local community and other worthy causes, this event is a great enabler for our work, so once again, thank you again to all those that attended and those that helped and hope to see you again next year.

Lion Graham Illsley
President Dartford Lions Club

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