January 2021 Feature

This months feature is on a Knitting Group which have been knitting items for children over the Christmas period. The widow of one of our former members (Arthur Fletcher), Val Fletcher has been a long standing supporter of the club, this month we bring to your attention the work Val and her friends have been doing to bring a smile to the faces of local families.

The group have knitted dolls and also some clothes for local children, these have successfully been distributed within the Dartford Community largely throughout the Dartford Toy Appeal 2020. The group of ‘knitters’ meet weekly at the Fleetdown Library (not during lockdown) on Fleet Estate Dartford. The group have 16 members and generally have been meeting for 3 years. Amazingly, Val can knit a small doll comfortably in an afternoon and a larger doll is made within a couple of days. Val was very pleased to let us know that on this day of giving us this information, she has knitted a teapot within a couple of hours!

Some of these toys and others made up the approx. 3000 toys which were handed out over the festive season to children in Dartford. Val Fletcher is just one of the many individuals who work quietly in the background, making a difference to the lives of the Dartford Community.

If you would like to learn more about his group or others who work/support us, please feel free to contact us.

Our Lion President, Ragbhir Sandhu said, “Its down to individuals like Val, who are the real heroes within our community, I have no idea how much time these dolls/figures would have taken Val and her friends. Its very obvious that there is a great deal of patients and skill gone into this project. Thank you Val Fletcher and her team of friends.”

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