Lions Club Collection Boxes

September 2020 marked the time for some additional fundraising to start for the club. Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid19 Pandemic, the club decided in the August meeting to buy their own collection bottles which would be given to members to position at retail outlets within the Dartford Borough.

Each of the members is responsible for their own collection bottle, the plan is that the members would take it to an outlet of their choice and then ‘keep an eye on it’! Once they feel its almost full, the bottle would then be replaced and so on etc….

Although this exercise was previously carried out by the club many, many years go, the feeling this time is one of confidence. 

Most of our fundraising is carried out at ‘public events’, however this year it’s highly unlikely that such events will be taking place, as a result, our president Lion Ragbhir Sandhu decided to look into this more steady approach to fundraising.

Some of the outlets who are supporting the club by allowing the bottles into their premises are :-

  • House on the Hill – East Hill, Dartford
  • Memz Barbers – High Street, Dartford
  • Rock Fish Bar – The Brent, Dartford
  • Malt Shovel – Darenth Road, Dartford
  • Ivy Leaf, Brent Lane, Dartford

Other bottles are with members and the details of their location shall be available very soon.

“On behalf of the club, we would like to thank ALL of the business and residents who are supporting us through the 2020 year of Covid19, Thank you” – President Lions Ragbhir Sandhu


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