Mobility Scooter Delivered

Lions John and Barbara Whitehead were pleased to take part in the official handover of a mobility scooter to Valenee Gosine in June 2021. Dartford Lions Club, made a contribution towards the cost of the very much deserved mobility scooter.

Valenee Gosine, Lions John & Barbara Whitehead with Mobility Shop member

Valenee Gosine is 37 years old and she is a Primary School teacher. She has been diagnosed with a very rare muscle wasting condition called GNE Myopathy in 2010. Currently there is no cure, treatment or medication for her condition. Valenee has a  muscle weakness in my legs, arms and hands.

Prior my to my diagnosis and up until my mid 20’s I was a very active flexible person, I especially enjoyed dancing(still do) played sports, long walks and playing the piano, it was all very easy and effortless. 

I now wear orthotic supports on my shoes to aid my walking. It has come to the stage that I now need a mobility scooter for longer distances and to be able to venture further out.

I recently contacted Barbara Whitehead who is a contact for Dartford Lions club. I explained my situation to her over the phone and that I was looking for financial help in funding my mobility scooter. 

Within a few weeks Barbara contacted me with the good news that Dartford Lions club will be contributing £300 towards my mobility scooter. I was truly touched and honoured to hear this wonderful news. 

A very happy Valenee Gosine

A very happy Valenee Gosine

Lockdown has been a very isolating lonely time for myself, hearing this amazing news was a sign my prayers were being answered. 

I now have my mobility scooter which has given me a profound sense of freedom and it will certainly help to rebuild my confidence. I am now able to reconnect with family and friends independently face to face outdoors, without having to rely on linking someone’s arm or having the anxiety of tripping or falling over. 

Dartford Lions Club has been an incredible source in helping to finance my mobility scooter. It’s a blessed feeling to know I have help and support from my local community. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dartford Lions you are absolute stars and you have played a significant part in my journey. 


Stay blessed, I’m eternally grateful for all your help. 

Club President, Lions Ragbhir Sandhu said “This is what Lionism is all about, helping those who need it most! Just a simple contribution by our club has changed the life of Valenee Gosine, we wish her well as she continues to make her life as normal as possible. Its through the support of our members and the community of Dartford that such changes are made – Thank You all for your continued support.”


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  • nicki says:

    An absolute pleasure to meet these great people, and to be a part of helping this lovely young lady find her freedom. We look forward to working with the lions in the future

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