Who Do Dartford Lions Help?

Since our club was formed back in 1969, our club will have helped thousands and thousands of people. Sadly we have limited records of the progress our club would have made in its early days, however, we have managed to source as much information as possible and provided it all on this website.

Cheque presentation in 2019

The organisations which we help range from hospital support, counseling through to research programmes to help with curing diseases, these are just a very few of the many organisations we help. Below you will find a list of some of the many groups we have supported. Should you require any detailed information on the donations/support below, please feel free to contact a member of the Dartford Lions Club (CIO) team.

In 2017/18 we supported:-

Age UK Meadowside Dartford wheelchairs, Argonauts – travel expenses, Arrow Riding, BEAMS, Children’s Christmas Toy Appeal, Choices, Citizen Advice Bureau, Dartford Churches Winter Shelter, Ellenor, Head Start (Fridge/Freezer), Healthy Living Centre Dartford, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Hi Kent, HOME START, LCIF, LIBRA, Lions Sight Savers, Making Miracles, Malling District Lions – Prostate Cancer, Mayors of Dartford’s appeal, St Mary Greenhithe PCC, St Marys Playgroup School, Stone Parish – new PA system, Donation: Wellbeing Link, YMCA Thames Gateway, E Boakes – Therapy, Patient Packs – Darent Valley Hospital, Stone Parish – Xmas Lunch – in addition to this is may be a few more organisation/individuals which we have supported.

Cheque Presentation 2018

In 2018/19 we supported:-

105SE Lifeskills, MD105 Diabetes, Lifeskills pack, Pallet MIAB, RGK Ltd, Special wheel chair, We are BEAMS, Dartford deeds not words foundation (Xmas toy appeal), Citizen Advice, Dartford Churches Winter Shelter, Dartford Churches Winter Shelter – folding beds, Dartford deeds not words foundation (Mother’s Day Appeal), Dartford District Scout Council – Jamboree, Dartford Primary Academy Friends Association, Dartford Technical and Science College, Ellenor, Defibrillator – Fleetdown Centre, Friends of Shenstone, Healthy Living Centre Dartford, Hi Kent, Home-Start, Little Buddies of Home Start, LCIF, LIBRA, Sight Savers, Mayors of Dartford’s appeal, Newquay family holiday, Pantones Tickets, RBL Poppy Wreath, Entertainment St Marys (A Stow), St Marys Church PCC (beds), St Marys Greenhithe PCC, Wellbeing Link (Memoir writing), Holiday for a family – in addition to this is may be a few more organisation/individuals which we have supported.

In 2019/20 we supported:-

MD105 Youth Fund, 105SE Youth Fund, Belarus, Dartford Toys for Christmas, Ellenor (Community Fayre & F’works ticket sale), Fleetdown  Community Center – flowers, 3 x Newquay trip, North West Kent Disabled Foundation, Pantones tickets, The Royal British Legion (wreath), YMCA (football).


2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
Age UK meadow side Dartford wheelchairs
105SE Lifeskills
MD105 Youth Fund
Argonauts – travel expenses
105SE MD Youth
105SE Youth Fund
Arrow Riding
105SE Youth
MD105 Diabetes
Dartford Toys for Christmas
Children’s Christmas Toy Appeal
Lifeskills pack
Ellenor (Community Fayre & F’works ticket sale)
Lifeskills pack
Fleetdown  – flowers
Citizen Advice Bureau
Pallet MIAB
3 x Newquay trip
Dartford Churches Winter Shelter
RGK Ltd, Special wheel chair
North West Kent Disabled Foundation
We Are Beams
Head Start (Fridge/Freezer)
Dartford deeds not words foundation (Xmas toy appeal)
The Royal British Legion (wreath)
Healthy Living Centre Dartford
Citizen Advice
YMCA (football)
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Dartford Churches Winter Shelter
Hi Kent
Dartford Churches Winter Shelter – folding beds
Home Start
Dartford deeds not words foundation (Mother’s Day Appeal)
Home Start
Dartford District Scout Council – Jamboree
Dartford Primary Academy Friends Association
Dartford Technical and Science College
LIBRA Ellenor
Lions Sight Savers
Defibrillator – Fleetdown Centre
Making Miracles
Friends of Shenstone
Malling District Lions – Prostate Cancer
Healthy Living Centre Dartford
Mayors Appeal
Hi Kent
St Mary Greenhithe PCC
St Marys Playgroup School
Little Buddies of Home Start
Stone Parish – new PA system
Donation: Wellbeing Link
YMCA Thames Gateway
Sight Savers
E Boakes – Therapy
The Mayors Charity Account
Patient Packs – Darent Valley Hospital
 Newquay family holiday
Stone Parish – Xmas Lunch
Panto tickets
RBL Poppy Wreath
Entertainment St Marys (A Stow)
St Marys Church PCC (beds)
St Marys Greenhithe PCC
Wellbeing Link (Memoir writing)
Holiday for a family


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